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A Cartoon Ghost

A pseudonym. An alter ego. A cartoon.
The Finance Ghost doesn’t take himself too seriously and prefers to let his content and analysis speak for itself.

On a Mission

A CA(SA) by profession and anonymous by choice, The Ghost focuses on making market news and investment concepts accessible, understandable and (most importantly) – fun!

To Unlock Investing

Ghost Mail launched as a weekly newsletter in early 2020 and grew organically to over 10,500 readers before launching as a daily publication to a wider audience.

A little more about The Ghost

With several years of experience in corporate finance advisory (mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and all the types of deals you read about in the news), as well as a few years in corporate strategy roles, The Finance Ghost helps you look through the corporate narrative to understand what is really going on.

After launching Ghost Mail as a weekly newsletter in early 2020, The Finance Ghost started writing for publications like Financial Mail and Daily Maverick. The Ghost Mail newsletter grew organically to over 10,500 readers before launching to a much broader audience as a daily publication.

The rest of the ghostly ecosystem includes Magic Markets (a popular investment podcast with an exceptional Premium subscription offer), Unlock the Stock (a platform that gives investors direct access to management teams) and bizval (an online valuation tool that provides indicative company valuations for entrepreneurs at an affordable rate).

When he isn’t writing about the markets, you can usually find the Finance Ghost doing silly things with cars or responsible things with his family.

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