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What Ghost Readers Share with Us

Ghost Mail’s primary mission is to unlock investing by providing insightful, useful and understandable market commentary as and when it happens. The focus of this is the retail investor community – these are our people so to speak.
It goes without saying that what they (you) think of Ghost Mail is the litmus test for how we measure our content value and engagement approach. We encourage and welcome engagement and conversation, and we listen (read) to all of them.


Ghost Mail Reader

"Thanks for my daily dose of “catch up”. A great read every morning "


Ghost Mail Reader

" Love your work Ghost...and it works"


Ghost Mail Reader

" I love these updates. They are my essential reading every morning"


Ghost Mail Subscriber

" What a GREAT article. Thank you so much for the effort you put it - it really helps those of us with limited time and limited knowledge to stay up to date. Thank you!"


Ghost Mail Subscriber

" Brilliant Ghost. Thanks also to Charles for a very insightful interview. A nice balance between information and entertainment, could become good bedtime stories! "


Ghost Mail Fan

" This was such an insightful read, and quite entertaining too (absolutely love the sense of humor on this page). Articles like these are invaluable for expanding my industry knowledge and just being informed about recent developments."

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